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The Great Gringas of San Miguel

San Miguel is chock full of colorful, feisty, independent women. The question is: Are these mujeres that way when they come or does SMA make them so? The other day, I ran into Anne, one of our many guests-turned-residents (and one of my favorites). “I was talking to Sallie the other day,” she says. “You remember Sallie? We’re still great friends.”

At this, I smile—one of my job’s best perks is being a facilitator friendships. So many past guests keep in touch, visit each other, attend each other’s weddings, etc. Gotta love being a little locus in a network of new friends.

“Anyway,” she continues. “We were reminiscing about meeting at the Casita. We call ourselves the class of 1997.”

This brought a huge grin to my face.

“Funny, she says, staring off into space. “I used to be afraid to drive here in town. Now I drive in Mexico City. No Problem.”

At this, I laugh out loud. (By golly, I’m so proud!) With 20 years of Mexico under my belt, I am not a little intimidated by the idea of driving in Mexico City. (I’m also intimidated by the idea of breathing in Mexico City. But, oh, the museums!)

Maybe San Miguel does works some kind of magic on its profusion of expat women. Of course, these ladies have to have a certain courageous spark in order to come down here in the first place…

Thank God for creative, adventurous women. Viva las gringas de San Miguel!

(It’s your turn…take a deep breath and leap! See you soon.)
Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the LA Times Article…

The Gringas of San Miguel de Allende : They Came, They Saw, They Set Up Croning Ceremonies–How A Community of Women Grew and Flourishes in the Land of Machismo.


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